International Annual Lighting MegaMini


Build Class: WLED 8port Permanent/Landscape Controller


This flexible ethernet or Wi-Fi controller can be used inside the house or out in the yard. It will be a great addition to your show!

Add this controller to your xLights or LOR layout and make your year-round lighting part of your show. When it's not connected to a show player... easily access the web or app interface to adjust colors and motion.

This is the best option for considering permanent lighting around your house!

If you want to do interactive props, this would also be an amazing choice, using the flexibility of WLED.

A shared toolset will be available if you cannot bring your own tools.

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Build Class: WLED 8port Permanent/Landscape Controller

Kit includes:

  • WLED 8 Port Controller
  • Meanwell 350 Watt 12v Power Supply
  • Metal Enclosure
  • Glands
  • Pigtails
  • Power cord
  • 100 PixelsThis build class does have a few enhancements over the standard build from YPS, which does cost less than this class.