What is the Florida MegaMini?2022-01-10T23:19:50-06:00

The FMM is a two-day conference offering classes, hands-on beginner classes, build options, demonstrations, vendor room and social experience for those interested in doing an animated holiday display. Optional one- and two-day intensives are offered at an additional charge. Intensives this year include the Light-O-Rama 2-day Intensive, xLights 2-day Intensive, xLights 1-day Sequence Mastery and a 1-day Projection Mapping Intensive

What is a “build” party or event?2022-01-10T23:20:29-06:00

Builds are where an instructor-led building project for a group of people who individually complete the same project. At the MegaMini "builds" are offered to teach attendees the best-practices method of constructing a project, i.e. controller enclosure, P5 panels, etc. There is a cost to attend a build, however it is usually less than the cost of purchasing the materials separately as the individual is participating in a bulk purchase opportunity. Additionally, all of the items needed to complete the project are in one kit and taught by an expert. At the completion of a build, usually two hours, you will have completed the project. It allows the inexperienced DIYer to complete a project in an expert manner.

Why is it a “Mega” mini?2022-01-10T23:54:35-06:00

"Mini" conferences were organized across the country in response to the national Christmas confernce set-up by Chuck Smith of Planet Christmas Light Up Symposium (PLUS). Florida started its "mini" in 2004, and was elevated to "mega" status due to its broader appeal regionally and now nationally. Last year the MegaMini had attendees from 21 different states.

What is the price and what is included?2023-01-30T18:11:35-06:00

The early-bird cost to attend the MegaMini is $175, including both day's class sessions, demonstrations, and lunch. There is a separate charge for the group dinner on Saturday night $75.00 (early bird $60) dinner and allows a non-attending companion to come and meet new friends from the event. More information on pricing

Do I have to attend in person or do you offer recordings of the classes?2022-01-10T23:22:25-06:00

Attendance in-person is required, with no recordings of the session offered.

Can I vist the Vendor hall without attending the event?2022-01-10T23:23:03-06:00

No. The vendor hall is reserved for attendees.

I am new and know no one in this hobby and am confused on what I need to do to set up a display. Will I be lost at the FMM?2022-01-10T23:23:56-06:00

The FMM is a great opportunity to make new friends and has classes specific to "newbies" to the hobby. Additionlly, the FMM has group buys from vendors, so you will be recieve a discount off products with delivery of those products to the MegaMini for free. Most people will save more than the cost of admssion simply by the discounts they recieve from this group buy with the group. Additionally, you will taught by community experts who have been in your same shoes once upon a time. Christmas people are the most friendly, helpful people you will meet in any hobby. Additionally, the Extreme Lighting Fanatics (ELF) of Florida Facebook page have people from all over the world who are avilable to help at a post's notice.

How does the FMM differ from other conferences?2022-01-10T23:24:36-06:00

The FMM is focused on the "hobbyist" vs the other national conferences who either are commercial or a hybrid commercial-residential user focus. The FMM is similar to the local mini group but due to its number of attendees allows for the blending of the two. Additionally, the FMM is focused on the participant experience and offers more hands-on classes, demonstration and builds than other conferences.


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