International Annual Lighting MegaMini

Class List

If you're looking for a specific class or want to offer something, use the links above to let us know! Full class times/day lists and detailed class information will not be available until closer to the event.

1What's a Timing Track and Value Curve?
2Q&A Panel Session
3Creative Brainstorming for YOUR SHOW
4Intro to Creating/Formatting your own graphics/photos/video for Xlights
5Title: Why does my S*** (Show) not work?
6Audacity Unleashed: Mastering the Basics of Audio Editing
7Florida Tweakers
8Building Sub Models for Your Props
9Mastering the Master View
10Using AI Graphics in Your Sequences
11xLights: Going between the Physical and Virtual World
12Creating a Viral Show
13Special Effects - SFX101
14Transition from Halloween to Christmas with ease
15Singing Props from Prop to Sequencing
17Everything Moving Heads!
183D Displays Made Easier
19Singing faces made easy
203D printing for holiday lighting
21How to create custom models in xLights
22WLED interactive Prop
23Using AI and Home Automation to save money on my display
24How to get your kids addicted to STEM by a U.S. Navy STEM professional
25Deep dive into the Wide World of (accurate) Color!
26Show Networking 101
27Submodels and the importance of pixel order
28Mega Tree Sequencing Techniques in xLights
29Lightshow Basics
30How setup and configure FPP Remote MultiSync mode
31Sequencing With Music Theory in Mind
32Using Submodeling and State Effects in xLigjhs
33But Wait.. There's more !!!
34AC Lights in a Pixel World
35How NOT to Whip Your Neighbors into an Angry Mob
36So you want to start a Christmas drive-through light show?”
37FPP Basic: Getting Started with FPP
38FPP Advanced: Exploring some of the Advanced Features in FPP
39Introduction to Fusion 360 - Design your own props * NEW*
40Intermediate Fusion 360 - Designing in the third dimension * NEW *
41So you want to start a Christmas drive-through light show?” *NEW*
42Using Submodeling and State Effects in xLigjhs
44LOR - Mastering Display Design: Integrating Props, Music, and Technology
45LOR - DIY Tips and Tricks of the Allison Christmas Spectacular
46LOR - Light-O-Rama Preview and Sequencer Overview
47LOR - Cloud Control - Show Playback From 2 Steps or 2 States Away
48LOR Software Tips: The Lighting Round
49LOR - PixieLink, Aurora Core, and More
50LOR Interactive: Make That Motion Effect!
51LOR - What’s Next for Light-O-Rama Software?
52LOR - You can do THAT with LOR?!
53LOR - Mega Tree Cartooning with Light-O-Rama