International Annual Lighting MegaMini

Class Discriptions

InstructorClass NameDESCRIPTION
Jorden Nash"Do you like my decorations" -The making of a classic.Take a behind the scenes look the creation of a hit classic! We'll showcase hardware, custom electronics, sequencing, and lessons learned. Need to chop a christmas tree down? Join us to find out how to use your ingenuity to impress on a budget!
Carter Manucy3D Displays Made EasierHaving trouble getting your display into 3D? Come join this session to see how to either setup a new display or move your existing 2D setup into 3D. Learn about how you can use your phone to create highly accurate 3D models and place your props accurately on your layout.
James Terrill3D printing for holiday lightingA discussion about the different types of 3d printers, materials and how to use 3d printers to build mounts, props and tools for holiday lighting. Presentation will also include when to use or not use 3d printed parts and also how to use 3d printed parts with other parts, such as maker pipe.
Jeff WernerAC Lights in a Pixel WorldIn an animated lighting community increasingly dominated by pixels, is there still room for traditional AC lights? This class sheds some light on the topic.
Carl MirskyAudacity Unleashed: Mastering the Basics of Audio EditingAudacity, an open-source and user-friendly audio software, serves as our canvas to audio editing for our lighting display needs.
Marcus LedetCloud Control - Show Playback From 2 Steps or 2 States Away - Marcus LedetIn LOR S6, the Control Panel combined multiple programs into one easy location for hardware testing and show control. Learn about the different options in the Control Panel, like testing your lights, setting/modifying your show playlist, picking your season schedule, building an SD card, and using REST API. Want an even easier playback option? Download the LOR S6 Mobile App for control from anywhere.
Kyle BostickCreating a Viral ShowIn this class I'd like to cover some of the aspects that help your show go viral. Tips on filming, posting, tips for your display and sequencing
Matt BiegunCreative Brainstorming for YOUR SHOWThis is a team activity! This will require some participation because I won't have all the right answers but one of you will as we move from topic to topic. We'll discuss show names, logos, hours, song selection, social media, and whatever comes up to make your show... YOUR SHOW!
Bill PorterDeep dive into the Wide World of (accurate) Color!Have you noticed orange and purple never look right on your pixels? Or that rainbow fades can appear jumpy? What is Gamma anyway? Come learn the science behind color, why pixels are terrible at showing color, what you can do to improve it, and see firsthand a new pixel type that solves all these problems for you.
Daniel AllisonDIY Tips and Tricks of the Allison Christmas SpectacularTake a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into the Allison Christmas Spectacular! (Great Christmas Light Fight Contender, 2022). Learn how the Allison family builds, installs, and stores their {size fact} display each season so that you can walk away with new prop ideas and improved skills for how to better install and store YOUR display this season, no matter what size.
Kyle BostickEverything Moving Heads!In this course we will cover moving heads in depth. The different popular models currently available, How to set up the model, how to program them, how to import them and how to make adjustments if your vendor uses different models or home points then you do.
Keith WestleyFalcon Controllers - advanced controller settings
Michael StoffregenFlorida TweakersThis class describes many of the common tweaks or adjustments you should make AFTER you have imported a sequence. Often after importing, things don't always look exactly like the source sequence. This class will take you from the macro tweaks to the micro tweaks that will help make your sequence look better.
Bill JenkinsFPP Advanced: Exploring some of the Advanced Features in FPP
Bill JenkinsFPP Basic: Getting Started with FPP
John StormsHow NOT to Whip Your Neighbors into an Angry MobIf you are successful in putting on a good show your next problem is going to be the neighbors showing up with pitchforks. In this class we share how to avoid Problems before they are problem, Dealing with Traffic, Managing Rude People, and strategies for creating different versions of your show to manage problems.
Tony KeithHow setup and configure FPP Remote MultiSync modeThis class will include:
-- Explanation of FPP Remote MultiSync
-- Using xLights to auto configure outputs on both the FPP and controllers
-- Uploading a sequence to a FPP and to a controller
-- Setting up a sequence to play on the FPP
-- And finally a working demo of all this.
Tony KeithHow to create custom models in xLightsHow to model wireframe props or props requiring a custom model in xLights.

In this Tutorial, I will share with you a couple of methods to model wireframes or props requiring a custom model in xLights.

I will create a custom model and add submodels for a wireframe prop during the class. Also, I will have a working demo of the model, prop and example sequence.
Bill PorterHow to get your kids addicted to STEM by a U.S. Navy STEM professionalReady to get your kids interested in S.T.E.M.? Come learn about various STEM programs like autonomous robotics competitions or even how to build an underwater ROV with parts from Home Depot all from a US Naval STEM professional who has been participating in STEM programs for 15 years.
Keith WestleyHow your data gets handled all the way from xLights’s to player to controller to pixels.
Peter SenarghiInteractivity and year round displays with WLED Based controllers
Dante LudoviciIntro to Creating/Formatting your own graphics/photos/video for XlightsI could cover the subjects (basics) of how to create, format and render your own graphics, photos and video elements for display on your props. Demonstrate the basics of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects...render and import to Xlights. Could include matrix, virtual matrix, prop density discussion.
Doug ReelIntroduction to Fusion 360 - Design your own propsIn this class we will learn the basics of using the CAD software Fusion 360 to create your own one of a kind props. Whether you want to make coro props that a vendor can produce for you or you want to make a 3D printed prop, this class will teach you the essentials needed to get started with your project. Laptops recommended.
Joey TowbinLeveraging Generative AI for Your DisplayDive into the cutting-edge world of Generative AI to elevate your Holiday display to new heights. This session will cover everything from designing a standout logo that captures the essence of your display to deploying an interactive chatbot for engaging visitor queries. Plus, we'll explore how to develop an animated character that brings your display to life and craft a unique Santa voice to enchant your audience. Join us to discover how Generative AI can transform your Halloween and Christmas display into a memorable experience.
Luke KampLight-O-Rama Preview and Sequencer Overview - Luke KampWith so many beginner videos available online, learning the basics of Light-O-Rama on your own time is possible at any point in the year. Take the opportunity in this in-person overview class to make sure you’ve got a good grasp on the basics of the Preview Editor and Sequencer (and ask questions live!) so that you can take advantage of the information in advanced classes later in the Mega Mini!
John T. DarstLightshow Basics
Aubrey KallLOR Interactive: Make That Motion Effect! - Aubrey KallLearn about using smart pixel Motion Effects through this interactive class designed for all skill levels (bring your PC and Pro level software!) In this workshop style class, you’ll play multiple rounds of a game designed for learning about motion effect creation (for any skill level) with the goal of saving favorites for later use in your own show.
Aubrey KallLOR Software Tips: The Lighting Round - Aubrey KallBring a notebook or computer and get ready to experience a power hour of 30-60 second tips that will help you become a master of the LOR software suite. This class assumes you already understand the basics of software usage, and will dive into dozens of advanced tips and shortcuts for the Preview Editor and Sequencer that will make you a better and faster sequencer this season.
Luke KampMastering Display Design: Integrating Props, Music, and Technology - Luke KampLooking to grow your light display but not sure where to start? In this class, we’ll learn how to design a captivating light show by examining design theory, music, and technology. We'll explore design principles and how they impact prop choice and layout, then unpack how music relates to the props within your show. Finally, we’ll explore prop setups that support an impactful display. Whether you’re starting fresh or adding to your display, learn how to select and organize the best props for your display.
Michael StoffregenMastering the Master ViewThis class shows the end-user how to properly set up their master view in xLights. One of the most common problem end-users have is a master view that isn't properly set up, resulting in effects either disappearing, being truncated by conflicting effects, or not appearing on their display properly.
Ty OlmsteadMega Tree Cartooning with Light-O-RamaDiscover the enchanting world of cartoon animation for your holiday displays! Delve into the magic of bringing your Megatree to life, making reindeer soar across the sky, and adding whimsical smoke to chimneys. In this course, you'll unlock cartooning secrets with your mega tree as the centerpiece. Explore essential techniques such as resolution management, layering dynamics, and character animation using Superstar and the LOR Sequencer. By the course's end, you'll possess the skills to craft captivating characters for your Megatree and weave a compelling narrative for your Christmas show.

Barry WilesMega Tree Sequencing Techniques in xLightsThe mega tree can be one of the main focuses of your display. In many ways, it is what your viewers see first and sets the tone for their viewing experience. This class will provide some midlevel to advance techniques to get the most out of programming your tree.
Joseph JarboeNetworking BasicsBasic networking to cover different type of network configurations for light shows, pros and cons of each, and how to get started with each one.
Marcus LedetPixieLink, Aurora Core, and More - Marcus LedetWhen determining how to control the pixels (and more) in your show, there are multiple controller options available from Light-O-Rama. Explore which options are best suited for you in this deep dive into hardware features and selection as you begin or grow your show.
Matt BiegunQ&A Panel Session
Russell McFarlandSecurity 101 - Keeping Your Home and Display SecureWe will discuss trends and best practices in physical security. You'll leave with a better understanding of how to keep yourself, your home and your display safer from any grinches.
David CahillSequencing With Music Theory in MindIn this class, attendees will gain understanding about the fundamental building blocks of music (pitch, duration, intensity, and timbre) and develop a holistic view of sequencing with basic music theory in mind. The course will utilize a case study approach to examine multiple sequences and effects in xLights to better understand one professional sequencer's method of representing a song's core and advanced musical elements using both basic and high density xLights models and associated groups.
Bill PorterShow Networking 101Ready to throw your router against the wall? WiFi issues got you down? Come learn the basics of networking so you never feel disconnected again. We will cover what each of the settings means, optimal network design for a pixel light show, and brush on how to effectively deploy WiFi for the best speed and coverage.
Carter ManucySinging faces made easyDon't understand how singing faces work? Come join us to learn the process from start to finish, including models, troubleshooting, custom faces, faces on a matrix or a tree, creating the timing tracks (both the hard way and the easy way) and putting it all together in a sequence.
Daryl ErwinSinging Props from Prop to SequencingWhether you purchased, built, or printed your singing prop, this class will cover how to add your model and make it sing. The class will also go over how to test and troubleshoot the faces and fix those wiring oops! Additionally, it will cover how to add the face phonemes or download images to your layout, including tips on sequencing them quicker and easier. The class will also quickly cover how to make your own face images. The last part of the class will cover how to make them sing in your sequence, covering making or installing lyric tracks.
Richard HoldmanSo you want to start a Christmas drive-through light show?
Kyle BostickSpecial Effects - SFX101In this class I will go over various SFX machines including Fog, Fobbles, Snow, Fire, Cold Spark and Moving Heads. How they work, how to use them safely, things to be aware of before adding them to your display. Finally how to connect them and program them for your show.
Barry WilesSubmodels and the importance of pixel orderSub-models are a great way to get more out of your props. Setting them up properly impacts how they will look on your display. This class will walk you through the best practices of sub-models and how to properly order them and group them for sequencing.
Jeff WernerSunday Morning Non-Denominational ChurchChurch
Max MoerlesTitle: Why does my S*** (show) not work?Transitioning from Lowe's Christmas light box to LOR and Xlights has been a journey fraught with a few Blinky Blinky mishaps along the way, teaching me invaluable lessons in troubleshooting and problem-solving.
In this session, participants will delve into real-life show mishaps, learning practical solutions rather than just theoretical concepts. They'll witness firsthand the FUBAR moments and gain insights into essential resources and troubleshooting steps for building a show.
Reflecting on "Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got This Far," we'll address the challenging aspect of troubleshooting in our hobby, offering guidance through tangible examples and pathways to solutions.
Whether attendees seek genuine learning opportunities or a touch of Schadenfreude, the session promises valuable takeaways. Participants will depart with at least one actionable troubleshooting step for managing their own shows or perhaps a chuckle at some of my show-breaking antics.
Concluding with a Q&A or an interactive discussion, attendees can share unresolved issues for collective problem-solving brainstorming, fostering a supportive learning environment for all
Bill PorterUsing AI and Home Automation to save money on my displayReady to level up your display with some new tricks? How about speakers that turn on for pedestrians automatically, snow machines that only activate when there are people around to enjoy them, or even teaching your display to message you when a pixel prop is malfunctioning without having to buy all new pixel controllers! Come learn how to use open-source tools like Home Assistant and camera AI to automate your pixel display!
Michael StoffregenUsing AI Graphics in Your SequencesThis class covers the use of graphics generated by artificial intelligence (AI) tools. In the class, we will identify the more common AI tools available, go over how to use them and then how to prepare them for use in xLights.
JackyUsing Submodeling and State Effects in xLightsSubmodels building then the right way using basic principles and some advanced techniques.
States. Build and using states for coloring in props, face outlines, and some animation
Bill JenkinsWhat's a Timing Track and Value Curve?
Matt BrownWhat’s Next for Light-O-Rama Software?You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be the first to know what’s coming next from Light-O-Rama software in 2024 and 2025!
Keith WestleyxSchedule - Soup To Nutz
Marcus Ledet and Ty OlmsteadYou can do THAT with LOR?!Have you ever had an out of the box idea for your show and wished that your LOR system could help you make it a reality? Look no further! This class will discuss tips for controlling DMX devices as well as explore ways to use the LOR Sequencer and show player in unique ways. Want to add DMX devices, projection, P5/P10 panels and more to your display? You can do THAT!