Friday Only (April 14th)

Sequencing is the heart of every pixel display. Whether you want to create your own sequences or understand/apply sequences from others, this class is for you. You will learn how the pros put together a sequence and the techniques they use. Sequence Like a Pro is a full-day intensive class that will teach you sequence strategy and technique. Taught by Clyde Lindsey of Pixel Pro Displays and Barry Wiles of Sequence Solutions, you will walk through the process of starting, organizing, and laying out a sequence from beginning to end.

The class will offer insight into the following topics:

  • Music selection and feeling of the sequence
  • Where to start and how to organize
  • Main Effects and how to apply them
  • Buffers and layering and how to get the most from them
  • Sequence Styles with walk-throughs of sequences by both instructors.

A sequence from each instructor will be provided during class and will be used in the afternoon session as an example walk-through. Each instructor will walk through the effects used, why they were selected, and what the final outcome was.


It is the intention of the instructors to provide as many sequencing techniques as possible so topics like music theory, sub-modeling, and layout design will only be touched on as needed to explain techniques used in the class.