Anywhere Controller and Props…


This full build comes with YPS 8-Port Controller and (1) Meanwell 350-watt 12V power supply in a YPS Small Metal Enclosure. These are ready to run; no need for additional work besides setting up in xLights.

Eight-Port Ethernet Controller with Power Distribution to use with WLED and xLights. WLED works with wifi and ethernet. xLights works through ethernet. These can work with Experience Lights, Kulp, and Falcon Controllers.
This is an ESP32-based Ethernet controller with a level-shifting eight-port HAT to control 8 LED pixel strings and/or strips. This board has built-in power distribution with standard Phoenix connectors for easy hooking up LED strings or strips. It has eight outputs to control up to 8 separate strings of pixel lights. You can use the controller through the ethernet port or wirelessly. These work with 12v pixels and power supplies.

Need more kits or can’t make it to the build class: Full Build YPS 8-Port Ethernet Controller (12v Version)



$232, including box and accessories, controller, and one set of 100 pixels.

Looking for a simple but powerful controller to get you started with pixels or perhaps something to run your house trim? Then our ESP32 8-port controller is just the thing. It is compatible with Xlights and WLED and gives you the best of both worlds. The best part is that it can run wired or wirelessly.

By the time you finish the class, you'll have a full build setup ready to run and a set of pixels to test & Run.

Build & Learn the power of ESP32/WLED in liberating your shows layout.


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