Thursday/Friday (April 13 and 14th)

Are you ready to outshine your neighbors but don’t know where to start? Start here! We take you from the very start of learning how pixel light shows work, how to approach planning your own first-pixel show, building your first prop (in class!), and making it blink. We will walk through how to use xLights (correctly), mapping your house, understand models and where to get them, model groups, whole house effects, basic sequencing, how to use controllers, and even what tools you’ll need for regular maintenance. You will leave with the knowledge and a plan to make your house the first house on your street with a pixel light show in 2023. You get to keep the prop you make in class too!

This class will be led by Bill Porter, Electrical Engineer for the US Navy. But don’t be scared by his title, he also teaches high school students basic engineering principles and how to solder during summer camps, designs international autonomous robotic competitions for college teams, lectures at STEM conventions, and mentors local school robotic clubs. So he knows a thing or two about teaching. He has put on both a Halloween and Christmas light show for the past 10 years, designed and freely released several types of pixel and incandescent lighting controllers for the hobby, and is the founder of the xLights Shared Drive.

He will be joined by community leaders Russell McFarland and Patrick Delaney to make sure no student is left behind during the class.