LOR - Class Descriptions

See the schedule for the room assignments, and the exact times of classes on April 15th or 16th, 2023.  

Saturday Morning

1. LOR - Preview Building Basics – Nuno Fernandes

The Light-O-Rama Preview Editor is the foundation for creating sequences - first, you must design your virtual layout! This class will cover the basics of using the Preview Editor to create AC and pixel props, group your elements, and prepare your sequence grid configuration for efficient use.

2. LOR - Setting Up To Sequence- Aubrey Kall

This introduction to the Light-O-Rama Sequencer program will cover the basic tools and options for creating effects for traditional lighted elements and set the foundation for learning about pixel programming later in the conference. A PC with the Light-O-Rama software is recommended so you can follow along during class!

Saturday Afternoon

1. LOR - Pixielink and E1.31 - Marcus Ledet

Discuss the power and versatility of LOR hardware to simplify control of your pixels and create an easy-to-maintain show! Explore ways to use E1.31 and the Pixielink unit to streamline your communication setup in your show. Dive into tips and tricks for having LOR control just about anything!

2. You Can Do THAT with LOR?! - Nuno Fernandes

Have you ever had an out of the box idea for your show and wished that your LOR system could help you make it a reality? Look no further! This class will discuss tips for controlling DMX devices as well as explore ways to use the LOR Sequencer and show player in unique ways. Want to add DMX devices, projection mapping, P5/P10 panels, non LOR hardware to your display? You can do THAT!

3. LOR - Using Falcon, Genius, and Pixcon– Ty Olmstead

Pixels, Pixels, Pixels. Power injection? 100 count, but 300 LEDs? How do I control it all? Whether you want a few pixels to play with in your show or want 1000s of pixels, you will always want to control how they look in your display.

This presentation looks at various controllers available and how they integrate into your LOR display. This presentation will review the Falcon F48, Falcon F16, Pixcon, and some of the new Experience Lights controllers.


1. Music's DNA: The Key to Composition – Aubrey Kall

Once you understand the basics of music and how to find the beat, how do you start sequencing? Building on the original Music’s DNA classes (taught at FMM in 2021 & 2022), this new-to-FMM software agnostic class explores how to take what you hear in the music and zone out your display so that you don’t end up with a cluttered mess of effects or hit a creative ceiling as the music increases in complexity. Learn how to set yourself up for show-composition success right from the moment you place your first effect.

2. Singing Faces with LOR – JR Dibble

Sequencing singing faces doesn’t have to be intimidating. Once you learn the secrets to accurate interpretation, it’s just as easy of an option to use as modifying the results from an “automatic” singing plugin. Learn how to sequence a word, sentence, and phrase using “sound” techniques instead of just the spelling of the syllable, and learn how to find the starts and ends of words accurately. The Light-O-Rama singing quartet will be used for this live demonstration, but the techniques learned can apply to any singing element.

3. LOR Interactive: Make That Motion Effect! - Aubrey Kall

Learn about using pixel Motion Effects through this interactive class designed for all skill levels (bring your PC and Pro level software!) In this workshop-style class, you’ll play multiple games designed for learning about basic and innovative motion effect creation to save favorites for later use in your show.


1. LOR Hardware Repair - JR Dibble, Marcus Ledet, Nuno Fernandes

Why is the status LED blinking?!? Discuss solutions to common hardware and configuration issues in this session with LOR hardware experts. Learn hands-on tips to diagnose, repair, and correct common hardware issues. Walk away from this session more confident to approach your next “the lights won’t go blinky” moment. The LOR uBreakiFix crew shows you what to do!

2. LOR - Integrating a Mega-Tree - Ty Olmstead

Do you dream of adding a pixel mega-tree to your LOR Christmas display? This presentation will help you on that journey. Making a mega tree for your LOR Christmas display is easy and will bring a new level of beauty to your show.

Whether you want your tree to be 12 ft to 25 feet tall, there are a variety of tricks that the LOR ELF community has learned. This presentation shares some tricks of the trade from the ELF lighting community.